Engaging Youth in East Africa

YALTA is an initiative by the Netherlands Food Partnership to promote agroecology and business amongst youth in Africa. Their groundbreaking approach aims to launch agriculture into the 21st century. So what does it take to get the young generations more involved? NFP asked us to create a strategy and to produce content that would reach youth in Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya and get that conversation started.
Countries worked in
Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya
Influencer Campaign

We want to speak to the youth from a place of pride, self-awareness and belonging.


Could Makmende find a way to encourage young Rwandans to turn back from the city lights and embrace a future in the countryside?

Makmende approach

We knew we had to make agriculture attractive to young people, but we needed someone they would listen to. So we looked for a local influencer who could connect with our audience in a way we never could.


Rwandan comedian Arthur Nkusi lead our campaign to make agriculture sexy again, using all his natural charm and his extensive network to get young people to think again about farming.

Working towards these SDG’s

Zero hunger SDG

Meet some of the local storytellers working on this case