What we do

We help impact organisations at every stage of the communications process, from defining the fundamental what, where and why of your comms strategy to creating a buzz around your content on social media.

Depending on where you are in your planning cycle, you can start with us at the beginning or jump in at any point.

Good storytelling begins here. With our strategic services, we aim to give you clarity and confidence in what you communicate, helping you to understand your audiences, define sharp, actionable objectives for your comms, and develop key messages that cut through in a noisy world. Whether you want to promote a project or reposition your brand, we can help you plan for impact. Strategy is where we translate your programmatic objectives into comms objectives, aligning your team around a clear destination and a communications plan to get you there.

Our Creatives’ job is to translate the pragmatic and the complex into something that moves people, inspiring audiences with your message so they feel compelled to act. We do this by developing a creative concept to elevate your message into an engaging idea, and then we work with our global network to find characters and stories to embody it. You don’t need to have these stories already – our global network of researchers, producers and creatives will find them for you. This is where they really come into their own. Because they’re from these places and see them through local eyes, they can unearth stories that feel rich and real while avoiding any prejudice or bias from ‘the Western gaze’. The outcome of the creative development process is a creative concept that ties together the messages you need to communicate, brought to life by stories that engage and motivate your audiences.

Whether you are producing social media snippets, documentary films, photography, copy or audio, we have talented local filmmakers, photographers and journalists in our network who can make anything you need. We never fly crews in for our productions because we don’t need to. Talent is everywhere, and the closer you are, the more clearly you see, and so the better you’re able to tell a story. From our office in Amsterdam, we brief our network on the creative vision and the technical requirements for the shoots, working closely with them throughout to ensure consistency in quality, even when shooting in multiple countries.
The content is just the beginning. Next you’ve got to bring your audience together around your message, engaging them and guiding them to help you create more impact. Depending on your objectives and your audience, this might happen online, offline, or both. But whether you need a carefully orchestrated social media campaign or a 4-hour stakeholder summit, we can help you plan for meaningful engagement. Moreover, we monitor the impact of your communications against KPIs agreed in the strategy phase, to learn and adapt so that subsequent comms land with even more impact.