Meet the core Amsterdam team

Makmende is a dynamic storytelling agency that leverages the power of good stories to change minds and inspire action.

Good stories change minds and inspire action

Good stories have the power to capture our attention, change our minds, inspire action. Our clients know this. We are an agency that knows how much stories matter. Good stories change minds and inspire action. Our clients know this too. Whether an NGO, a charity, a UN agency, or any organisation working towards social or environmental impact, they come to us looking for a better way to tell their stories.


A global network of storytellers

See, the small team of strategists, creatives and producers based out of our Amsterdam office are only one part of Makmende. The other part – the most important part – is the network of journalists, researchers, creatives and producers on every continent that we have been building for the last 10 years.


It means we can put our clients’ stories in local hands, hearing with local ears, seeing with local eyes, so that whatever we create, in film, photography, print, or social, it’s a story our audiences feel.