Remote Video Production: Your guide to high quality, local storytelling

Learn about the do’s and don’ts around remote storytelling

Whether you’re a program manager, a communication expert, or a sustainability communicator with a video or photography production idea, this is the space to jumpstart your media strategy. 

At Makmende we saw the pandemic reshape the way we work. And for communication professionals in international organizations, the surge in “remote video production” is undeniable.  We’ve been crafting magic with local film talent from a distance long before COVID struck. Our global network, spanning from Lagos to Jakarta, Dar-es-Salaam to Bamako, empowers us to deliver high-quality, impactful storytelling wherever we are.

To show off our expertise in this subject, these coming weeks we’re organizing a free online workshop, Remote Video Production: Your guide to high quality, local storytelling.

What is on the menu? 

This hour-long workshop will address Do’s and Don’ts around remote storytelling that will be explained through some of our most recent real life cases.

  • Benefits of Remote Production: Embrace the local lens approach for authenticity and impact.
  • Maintaining Control and Consistency: Master the art of working seamlessly with a remote crew.
  • Budget Optimization: Discover how to squeeze your budget like a lemon without compromising quality.

Ready to Transform Your Remote Storytelling Skills?

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There are currently no dates available for this workshop