How strategy gets you to better communication

Learn about the makings of a good Comms Strategy around remote storytelling

Whether you’re a program manager, a communication expert, or a sustainability communicator with a video or photography production idea, this is the space to jumpstart your video strategy. 

At Makmende we know that communications can be a powerful tool for accelerating impact, and we want to help you tell your story in the most effective way possible. These coming weeks we’re organizing a free online workshop,  How strategy gets you to better communication.

What is on the menu? 

This hour-long workshop will address the Makings of a good Comms Strategy around remote storytelling that will be explained through some of our most recent real life cases.

  • Why strategy? How strategy makes your work more impactful and your life easier
  • Developing a strategy – how to ask the right questions about yourself, your audiences and the wider world.
  • A simple framework you can use, right now, to improve your strategic thinking

Ready to Transform Your Remote Storytelling Skills?

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