World-Changing Green Bonds

Since 2005, Symbiotics’ impact investment platform has used finance to drive progress, in every sector, on every continent. Now, their Green Bonds are creating change where it’s needed most: on the frontlines of the climate crisis.
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Green Bond showcase video

Dispatch from the Green revolution!


In 2021, Symbiotics issued its first 100% agricultural Green Bond in India with Sumannati, a local investment platform specialising in green agriculture. How could we use this bond to tell a bigger story about the potential of these instruments to change the world?

Makmende approach

To show the impact of Symbiotics’ Green Bonds on the ground. We worked with Sumannati to find an example of green agriculture that would help Symbiotics’ audiences see for themselves the potential of these targeted investments.


We told the story of Gratitude Farming, a smallholding farm whose radical ‘natural farming’ methods promise to transform India and its $1tn agriculture sector. We let the farmers show us the template they have developed for a different way of farming; healthier, more sustainable, and able to meet the needs not just of India, but the world.

Working towards these SDG’s

No poverty SDG
Zero hunger SDG
Decent work and economic growth SDG
Responsible consumption and production SDG
Life on land SDG