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Bryan, Garnier & Co is a boutique bank that provides assistance to entrepreneurs at every stage of their financial journey, and their clientele contain some of the brightest minds and innovators driving positive change.
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Bryan, Garnier & Co was proudly helping impact entrepreneurs reach new levels to further their innovations in sectors like green energy or biotech medicines. They wanted to showcase the impressive minds behind the companies, how Bryan, Garnier & Co helped take their company’s financial capabilities to new heights and how the world is better for it. These aims, however, also came with another important ask- make it entertaining for audiences both in and out of the impact entrepreneurial space. How do you take a studio interview and make it sing?

Makmende approach

What made the stories of the innovators exciting was not just the groundbreaking ideas, but the passion and drive in each of the CEOs and founders. These qualities could be found in greatness across all sectors, from Olympic athletes to astronauts. Thus, we decided using a sports metaphor to show the resilience and dedication to “cross the finish line” of success would not only broaden audience appeal, but also create thrilling visuals. The “Growth Series” took storytelling into a dynamic direction, diving into triumphs and setbacks, victories and challenges, while offering a compelling exploration of the high growth potential within the Bryan, Garnier & Co ecosystem sectors.


We created 7 episodes, each with their own thrilling metaphor that served to not only increase social media engagement, but was also used on the Bryan Garnier website, attached to a “Get in touch” form to drive more business. Furthermore, providing video content with high production value to the clients featured in the episodes strengthened their partnerships.

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