Launching The Makmende Impact Accelerator

At Makmende, we believe in the transformative power of film, not just as an art form but as a catalyst for change. However, impactful change requires the right connections. This is precisely what we offer: connecting filmmakers who have something to say with the organizations who want to amplify them.

Envision a gathering where the magic of storytelling intersects with the urgency of social change.

We are delighted to introduce the inaugural Makmende Impact accelerator: Catalyzing Change Through Films. Our festival is more than just a showcase of films; it’s an opportunity for creators to pitch their ideas directly to a panel of experts across various sectors, from environmental to social justice, who are as passionate about catalyzing real-world change as the filmmakers themselves. This is where compelling narratives meet potential backers, where stories with the power to challenge stereotypes and spark action are brought to light.  Like Blackfish ending the whale shows at SeaWorld. Or when Bowling for Columbine ended bullet sales at one of America’s largest department stores.

What sets us apart?

Picture an event with experts in various fields. They are government officials tackling food security, academics exploring water’s vital role, and leaders from major philanthropic organizations. United by a belief in storytelling’s power, they are ready to discuss, debate and even invest in ideas that matter. For filmmakers with a bold vision, no matter where in the world, MAKMENDE is the bridge between them and these organizations, helping to bring better stories into the world.

How can you get involved?

It’s quite straightforward. Just pitch your film idea by creating a treatment and a teaser, then submit them. The theme for the festival is “storytelling that challenges stereotypes,” and the narrative should be linked to social and environmental issues such as impact entrepreneurship, climate change, and innovative sustainable solutions that end poverty.  For all the details check here

Pitch your film idea, connect with a panel of experts: be part of the impact. 

Why apply?
  • Networking: we will put you in contact with the media and potential investors.
  • Training: you will receive training and support from Makmende to craft your story in the most compelling way.
  • Media exposure: you will be featured in Makmende’s channels, and your profile will receive promotion.
  • And of course, there is a monetary prize (see below).
What is the prize?

The five most captivating pitches will be reviewed by our panel of experts during the event. The winning pitch will be produced by Makmende, possibly in collaboration with another partner.  

Selection Day Spectacle

The event day is going to be something special. 

While the event itself will be free, attendance will be by invitation only, extended to individuals who can actively contribute to this creative endeavor. Our guest list will include a lively community of creative thinkers, film enthusiasts, professionals from the NGO sector and socially responsible companies, media figures, and influencers. The selected short-listed filmmakers will join online to pitch their idea to the jury.

Join us at Makmende Film Festival, where the magic of cinema meets the power of social impact. Pitch your film idea or ask us to be part of the guests. Together, we’re rewriting the script for a brighter future. Save the date and be a part of this groundbreaking storytelling experience!

⌛️ Application deadline:  5 July 2024

📅 Event Date:  10 October 2024

🕒 Event Time:  14:30 – 17:30 

📍 Event Location: ALAB – Amsterdam