Cartier Women’s Initiative

A multi-continental showcase of bold changemakers

The Cartier Women’s Initiative remains a bold and invaluable space for women impact entrepreneurs that goes well beyond its impressive grants and Awards Ceremony with an ecosystem of ongoing support and connection.
Cartier Women’s Initiative
Research, Video production, Photography
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20+ countries across 5 continents

Redefining the power impact entrepreneur in video.


For five years, we have brought the stories of incredible women impact entrepreneurs chosen by the Cartier Women’s Initiative from around the world to life. In 2024, 33 new changemakers from 22 countries joined the family, and our team was tasked with filming their stories of impact within an incredibly tight two week timeline in their home countries. The aim? To create 33 impressive and tailored media packages featuring a fully edited video portrait and photography for each fellow’s use, along with a dynamic announcement video introducing the fellowship and 33 social media-optimized vertical videos focused on the innovations themselves to grow the CWI channel.

Makmende approach

We set out to boldly update what it looks like to be a powerful female entrepreneur. We showed their strength in new, visually stunning ways- replacing the corporate poses with seeing our leaders in elevated spaces, overlooking the communities they’ve changed. We leaned into today’s working realities and ventured out of the office, instead filming our innovators in their places of inspiration and impact. We brought visual richness and fresh energy to solutions that are often challenging to film,


Every year, our films and photography bring to life the stories of these women, both at the annual award show, online on CWI’s social media channels, and through the PR they receive in global publications like Forbes and New York Magazine.

Working towards these SDG’s

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“We chose to work with Makmende because we like their globally connected, yet locally rooted approach that leverages local crews for all the shoots. They really set the bar very high with this production. They have deep technical expertise, a good understanding of our DNA and friendly, responsive staff. They also have a capacity to take on large volumes of work and still deliver excellent quality”

Gabrielle de Mijolla, CWI Senior Communications & Project Manager
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