Cartier Women’s Initiative

The world’s most remarkable women

Every year since 2006, Cartier Women’s Initiative have celebrated the world’s most remarkable female impact entrepreneurs. For the last 4 years (and counting), we’ve been telling their stories.
Countries worked in
20+ countries across 5 continents
Films in multiple formats and Photography

Amplifying the impact of female leaders.


More than just a celebration, the CWI Awards are an opportunity to inspire women everywhere. Our brief was to capture each awardee’s story and roll them all up in a participatory online campaign.

Makmende approach

As our partnership with CWI has evolved, we’ve sought to show not just the remarkable women they award, but the networks and communities they are part of, are supported by, and contribute to. This is ‘the ripple effect’ of each CWI awardee – a real-world impact we have sought to replicate online, by using their stories to start discussions on social media about the challenges entrepreneurial women face and the tools they develop to overcome them.


Every year, our films and photography bring to life the stories of these women, both at the annual award show in Dubai, online on CWI’s social media channels, and through the PR they receive in global publications like Forbes and New York Magazine.

Working towards these SDG’s

Gender equality SDG
Decent work and economic growth SDG
Partnerships for the goals SDG

“We chose to work with Makmende because we like their globally connected, yet locally rooted approach that leverages local crews for all the shoots. They really set the bar very high with this production. They have deep technical expertise, a good understanding of our DNA and friendly, responsive staff. They also have a capacity to take on large volumes of work and still deliver excellent quality”

Gabrielle de Mijolla, CWI Senior Communications & Project Manager
2022 Overall Video
2023 Overall Film