The real impact of investment

Regmifa, an investment fund for Sub-Saharan Africa, wanted to celebrate its 10th birthday by bringing together its network of donors and partners to review everything they had achieved together.
Countries worked in
South Africa, Ivory Coast, Kenya
A hybrid keynote event and case study films

Showcasing how money works on the ground


Regmifa had two questions. First, how could they help their investors and partners appreciate the impact their money was having? Second, they wanted to bring everyone together for an event, but COVID-19 and worldwide lockdowns would make that tricky. What could we do?

Makmende approach

The beauty of our creative solution – How money works on the ground – is that you can show people what impact looks like without them having to be there. We did so, with a suite of case study films that followed the real individuals whose lives have been changed by Regmifa’s investments, all presented as part of a a 3-hour hybrid event featuring 15 live guest speakers, a professional host, and even a band.


The event was a great success, turning the restrictions of COVID-19 into an advantage by creating a forum everyone could join, from anywhere in the world. In the end, over 150 people did, and took the opportunity to connect, learn and plan together for the future. 94% of the audience have asked to be invited to the next one.

Working towards these SDG’s

Decent work and economic growth SDG