Quarantine Kids

This was SOS’s ask to Makmende as the international organisation looked for a way to keep meaningful brand engagement in these unprecedented times. SOS focuses on keeping kids all around the world happy and connected. But international lockdown meant not only were little ones not seeing anyone, they were also not being seen.
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How do we keep family bonds strong throughout these weird, Covid-19, times?


Knowing the power of telling stories through different and less predictable perspectives, Makmende flipped this narrative by making kids the storytellers themselves. We know that meaningful brand engagement doesn’t have to be serious and often light hearted content can have more power and pull.

Makmende approach

Filming their surroundings in remote locations in every corner of the world, children documented what the pandemic meant for them. Each episode consisted of a child exploring an adult, pandemic related issue, through their own young eyes.


After series 1 took SOS’s social media channel by storm, a second series was commissioned. Consisting of 4 part episodes, these series not only connected kids, but helped adults see the pandemic in a different way.