Society in transition: revolutionizing healthcare

PharmAccess’s i-PUSH project is revolutionizing healthcare by using a systemic approach to create what’s desperately needed: finding the success factors to make universal healthcare achievable and financially sustainable.
Countries worked in
Video series and Influencer Campaign

Inclusive videos to show i-PUSH's universal healthcare technology


To create inclusive communications that support i-PUSH and its stakeholders both in Kenya and at the global level to explain the benefits of universal healthcare and the efficacy in tackling the issue through iPUSH’s mobile technology.

Makmende approach

Keeping inclusivity at the forefront, we knew we needed content that worked for everyone. We chose to help tell the story through a local stakeholder who could engage directly with i-PUSH’s target groups - enabling them to relate by telling the story in a way that is relevant to them.


Makmende delivered portrait videos that highlighted the impact technology like i-PUSH is having on the communities it serves. Working with a local influencer, we were able to leverage her platforms and storytelling to translate the message to a global audience.

Working towards these SDG’s

Good health and wellbeing SDG

“A big thank you for all the work MAKMENDE and team for the great videos that are now launched! We are so proud of the work. It will really set the benchmark moving forward”

— Sabine Gremmen Head of Comms for PharmAccess

Meet some of the local storytellers working on this case