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Making More Health: A partnership between ASHOKA & Boehringer Ingelheim

Making More Health Accelorator Programme is a transformative partnership between Ashoka and Boehringer Ingelheim, actualising a collective global vision to increase access to healthcare for people, animals and their communities.
ASHOKA & Boehringer Ingelheim
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A story of community impact; a story of interaction


Given Makmende’s proven track record in creative strategy and content execution for global accelerators, as well as expertise in impact communication, Ashoka Making More Health approached Makmende for content development support for their September 2022 Co-Creation Workshop. The objective was an approach to spread awareness about and foster engagement with the programme, shine a light on the impact fellows part of it and highlight the overall impact of the collaboration and its potential.

Makmende approach

At this edition of Making More Health Accelerator, a diverse range of contributors came together in person – some for the first time ever – after years of challenging circumstances that didn’t allow for physical presence. Makmende saw this as a unique opportunity to create content that highlighted the relationship between the diversity of key figures that constitute the accelerator and its impact. By creating a narrative of interaction between figures, Makmende shone a light on not only the who but the how. By telling a story of community impact; a story of interaction, the audience felt inspired, informed and excited about the growing MMH community and its impact. This approach fostered conversation and engagement online sparking support and inclusion in the programme’s growth.


The story of interaction resulted in an evergreen brand film for MMH (with a focus on the in the in person coming together in Ugnada) creating one narrative using short personal insights from multiple perspectives. The social media campaign content also elevated the personal stories of interaction. Multiple mini stories of different themes of interactions were created in ‘rolling conversation’ formats - driving engagement online (these performed particularly well on LinkedIn). A participatory photography approach (where members of the community created and were pictured with signs with hand written themes of focus) also fostered live interaction online (working well for stories and any temporary content).

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