BRAC International

Lessons from the world’s biggest NGO

Founded 50 years ago in Bangladesh, BRAC is now the world’s biggest NGO, serving 250 million people in 14 countries across the Global South. They have a unique approach to development. One that works. And they asked us to help them share it with the world.
Countries worked in
Liberia, The Philippines, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda.
Campaign strategy, social strategy, story-hunting, video and photography production, post-production

Realising potential throughout the Global South


Despite their great size and success, BRAC are little known outside of the Global South. But since their foundation in Bangladesh 50 years ago, BRAC have developed programmes in healthcare, education, micro-finance, early life development and poverty relief that are unparalleled in their impact. They wanted to show the world how.

Makmende approach

The success of BRAC programmes lies in their core operating principles: be local-led, think holistically, take risks and be willing to fail. To help audiences understand how these principles create impact, we showed them at work, finding stories that take audiences deep inside communities BRAC works with, guided by individuals who represent the millions BRAC reaches every day.


A series of films and a social media campaign that do more than just highlight BRAC’s programmes, but take the audience inside them, to understand why they work and how they can be replicated anywhere in the world.

Working towards these SDG’s

Gender equality SDG
Good health and wellbeing SDG
Reduced inequalities SDG