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The “impact generation” transforming our cities

Fondation Botnar remains a strong advocate for our future generations in low and middle-income countries, investing in solutions “created with, by, and for young people.”
Fondation Botnar
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Indonesia and India (so far!)

Making content for young people, by young people


In their mission to make life better for young people worldwide, Fondation Botnar champions the inclusion of youth voices in their programs. Makmende was given the joyful task of creating a video series featuring teen activists improving their cities through Fondation Botnar and partner programs. The goal was to achieve a tone that was the perfect blend of informative and fresh, and to inspire young viewers to see themselves as future change agents in their own communities.

Makmende approach

With a young target audience, we decided user-generated moments throughout the video would deepen the connection between our character and the viewer. A Youtube-style, straight-into-the-camera scene not only builds trust, but also supports the narrative that these young people were taking matters (and cameras!) into their own hands. To further authenticity, we worked with Botnar’s fantastic partners, BASAIbu in Bali and Safetipin in New Delhi, to find a young activist truly employing and embodying the aims of their program. And through creative deep-dive calls with tailored research questions, we got to the heart of their story, creating a narrative first based on what gives them drive. Add to this a great camera presence and a talented, young crew to capture it, and we found our magic mix.


This series is ongoing! So far, it’s been a pleasure to see Fondation Botnar use our video to not only showcase their partners on social media, but also to use the opportunity for an impressive way to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Working towards these SDG’s

Sustainable cities and communities SDG
Reduced inequalities SDG

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