Dutch Relief Alliance

Locust Battleground

This year, Somalia and Ethiopia are battling the worst locust plague since 25 years whilst additionally dealing with COVID-19.
Countries worked in
Somalia, Ethiopia

The Dutch Relief Alliance is carried out by Cordaid, Tearfund, ZOA, Oxfam Novib, ICCO, Dorcas, Save the Children and SOS Children’s Villages.


The Dutch Relief Alliance, a partnership of 8 NGOs, provides humanitarian assistance to crises like these. They wanted to raise awareness about the locust infestation, but travelling to remote areas is complicated, especially now.

Makmende approach

Rather than sending a crew to film the situation, we decided to work with User Generated Content and asked people who are fighting these battles every day, to show us what is happening. We asked one participant from each NGO to contribute. Due to Corona, flying in crews is not possible, but at Makmende we generally believe that it’s best to show the urgency of a situation from a direct perspective.


Our creative team created a briefing, with interview questions and assignments. By using their phones these participants could portray the situation and share their story. These days, everyone has a phone – and by guiding four people in Ethiopia and four people in Somalia throughout the entire filming process, we could collect the footage for our editor to bring it all together. This resulted in 8 short videos for social media and one overall film about the Dutch Relief Alliance.