30 Years of Progress

After 30 years, Incofin CVSO understand better than most what it takes to successfully invest in impact, no matter how difficult the circumstances.
Countries worked in
Bolivia, India, Cambodja and Burkina Faso/Tanzania
30 years celebration video series, social media assets, photography, editorial article

A dependable partner, come what may.


Incofin wanted to show its investors how 30 years of experience had shaped it into a competent, dependable impact investment manager.

Makmende approach

We began this project as we always do, researching with Incofin’s local partners to find good stories. But as we did, a trend emerged: time and again, the partners told us about Incofin’s support during the COVID-19 pandemic; while everything else was falling apart, Incofin’s dependability had allowed them to keep going.


A multi-media suite of assets that powerfully demonstrate what 30 years of experience really means: stability in the face of an unprecedented crisis. Showing how Incofin’s support allowed its partners to help their communities not only survive the pandemic, but thrive in spite of it, is all the evidence you need of Incofin’s dependability as a partner, no matter the circumstances.

Working towards these SDG’s

Decent work and economic growth SDG