CARE and H&M Foundation

Access Approved

Giving women better access to finance could unlock $330Bn in Annual Global Revenue. So why aren’t banks noticing?
Countries worked in
Jordan, Peru, Ivory Coast, Sri Lanka
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A global campaign on access to finance and financial inclusion


CARE and H&M asked us to develop a global campaign to create awareness on access to finance and financial inclusion.

Makmende approach

In this campaign we went from the abstract world of finance (facts and figures), to the tangible realm of female entrepreneurs. Featuring women from four countries (Jordan, Peru, Ivory Coast, Sri Lanka) to show the reality behind the numbers. These women have build a business despite the barriers. They’ve made a career of problem solving. They’re resourceful, determined and passionate. Imagine how far they’ll go when access to finance isn’t denied but Approved. They could use their strengths, not just to survive, but to thrive…


The campaign was picked up by national (The Netherlands & United Kingdom) and international media (World Economic Forum). In total the campaign reached an audience of well over 12.9 million people worldwide – from The Netherlands and UK to Peru, Jordan and USA.

Working towards these SDG’s

Gender equality SDG
Decent work and economic growth SDG
Reduced inequalities SDG

Meet some of the local storytellers working on this case